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Mike began programming and helping others with tech when he programmed his first VCR (it was VHS not beta). Then he got his first computer the Commodore 64. He continued his interest and found a particular fruit he liked (Apple). He was always the kid everyone's parents would call to fix their stuff.
His professional life continued his desire to fix stuff. This time he moved toward fixing people and studied Physical Therapy at Springfield College. He was probably the only PT student who loved the CS requirements of the program and continued to fix computers and tech while working in the media services department. Today Mike helps others fix and problem solve their problems with a unique blend of speaking tech, medical and english. He loves to build things that solve problems in any vertical and has learned that an MVP is move than the best player in the league.
If you are frustrated you have a problem and you can find him. Contact Mike
Our Founder - Mike Muldoon